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Buyers do not have to be involved in the development of their new yachts, but the opportunity to do so sets Bering apart.

Leaders in exploration and expedition cruising, Bering Yachts promotes a semi-custom approach to design and construction processes, giving customers significant involvement in the creation of future yacht. Unlike fiberglass yacht production, steel builds do not require a set mold, which allows a higher level of flexibility in internal aesthetic modifications, such as larger bedrooms, and crew quarters entertainment spaces, and varied fabrications.

Buyers do not have to be involved in the development of their new yachts, but the opportunity to do so sets Bering apart; it is able to offer clients complete involvement, from the commencement of each design to the completion. Both interior and exterior elements of the yacht’s design can be customized in an effort to reflect individual taste — the only component not compromised is safety.

Masters behind the development of Bering Yachts, Mr. Alexei Mikhaillov and Alexander Obidin, decided to take design cues from modern steel commercial vessels that had been built to famously high Scandinavian naval architectural standards. Like these vessels, each Bering yacht has been designed to withstand the roughest conditions encountered in blue-ocean exploration.

The first of many luxury yacht construction projects for Mikhaillov and Obidin kicked off in 1990, when they decided to convert a 136-foot commercial steel vessel into a luxury yacht. The first yacht of the Bering Yacht line followed in 2007.

“We have since made a firm decision to manufacture all of our yachts in steel,” says Mikhaillov. “Steel is durable, resilient, safe and built to last. Working with steel also allows us to modify interiors to suit client needs — a very important factor for us as a company and something our competitors aren’t able to offer in fiberglass yacht production.”

The heavier displacement of each Bering Yacht guarantees a more stable and comfortable ride both underway and at anchor. These vessels, with low centers of gravity, are built to combat the worst that mother nature can deliver. They offer peace of mind when you are more than 5,000 nautical miles from shore and battling strong wind, weather and swell.

“Our yachts are 30 to 40 percent heavier than our competitors’ yachts; ours provide a smoother ride in rough ocean,” adds Mikhaillov.

The Bering fleet is broken down into three unique model categories: Exploration, Expedition and Yachtship; each category comprises heavy blue-water vessels with raised pilothouses, robust construction and luxury interiors. Each line also is distinguished by contemporary exterior styling, featuring larger windows and spacious interiors (cockpit and flybridge) providing an ideal vantage point for cruising lush tropical havens, such as the Caribbean.

Comfort and enjoyment at sea is greatly enhanced by a quiet “vibration-free” environment, which also reduces levels of fatigue and boosts alertness. To achieve this, Bering utilizes the latest acoustic technologies and components to include Seatorque roller bearing shaft systems.

“Our yachts are incredibly quiet,” explains Mikhaillov. “As a large majority of our customers are recreational users, the length of journey at sea can be considerably long. Therefore, the added feature of vibration-free, quiet cruising is a key sales angle for our buyers.”

Lead time on Bering Yacht production ranges from 10 to 18 months depending on the size of each vessel.

For more information on Bering Yachts for sale, please contact Sale Broker Hugo Van Schaik at [email protected], or call +852 5280 3506.

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