Venice & Eastern Italy Yacht Charter Guide

Along the Adriatic Sea lies stunning towns, cities and harbors to visit during a yacht charter of Venice and Eastern Italy. Where better to enjoy a luxury yacht charter than on a city on the water.

Charter Experience

Romance ensues as you cruise the canals of the historic city of Venice. Here, you will find only cobblestone streets, gondolas and boats — there are no roads for cars. The perfect place to get lost; wander the canals, stopping at various cafes and local boutiques. Piazza St. Marco is home to the ever-incredible St. Mark’s Basilica as well as the ever-opulent Doge’s palace and St. Mark’s Campanile, which is worth the climb for the stunning views of the city. Find some of Italy’s most famous designers, such as Versace, Gucci, Fendi and more, lining Calle Larga XXII Marzo. After an afternoon of shopping, stop in Harry’s bar, the birthplace of the Bellini, for a true taste of Venice. Seafood is a staple in Venetian cuisine. Enjoy a meal at Osteria Boccadoro or one of the city’s oldest trattorias, Antiche Carampane to get your fill of traditional fare.

South of Venice on the eastern coast of Italy you’ll find the beautiful white-sand beaches of Ancona, which sit below dramatic mountainous cliffs covered in rambling evergreen trees, creating a stunning juxtaposition — perfect for any photographer’s lens. The extreme nature of the coast is alluring, as are some incredible sights of the city. A Venice yacht charter would not be complete without a visit to Ancona’s Cathedral of San Ciriaco, which was built in 1,000 A.D. on a site originally home to a Greek temple of Aphrodite.

To the northwest of Venice lies the enticing and exciting city and seaport Trieste. Pulling influences from the Germanic Hapsburgs, this city combines cultures from Italy as well as the Austro-Hungarian Empire of yore. The Stock Exchange Square still stands, and a visit to the seafront, where the Victory Lighthouse stands watch over the idyllic port, is a must during a Venice and Eastern Italy yacht charter. Various castles can be found in Trieste, such as Castel San Giusto and Castello Miramare.

Location Highlights

  • Take a gondola tour of Venice
  • Marvel over the opulent Doge’s palace
  • Spend an afternoon shopping on Calle Larga XXII Marzo
  • Enjoy a Bellini in Harry’s Bar
  • Visit Cathedral of San Ciriaco in Ancona

Expert Advice

The ceilings of the famous St. Marks Cathedral are adorned with decoration comprising hundreds of thousands of mosaic tiles of gold leaf immersed in glass. Arrangements can be made for a private visit to the cathedral at night. You’ll enter through a little side door for access to the dark sanctuary. Suddenly, the entire gold mosaic ceiling comes alive in a heart-stopping moment, illuminated in the dark by strategically placed spotlights.

Charter Guest

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