Rome & Western Italy Yacht Charter Guide

Cloaked in history and drenched with beauty, there are few more magical places for an Italian yacht charter than Western Italy and Rome. Romantic landscapes and quaint seaside towns provide an alluring backdrop as exploration yields gastronomic delights at local trattorias and towns ripe historical, architectural and religious masterpieces.

Rome and Western Italy luxury yacht charter view of st peter's basilica

Charter Experience

Just 10km off the coast, between the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian seas, lies the antique island of Elba — historically known for Etruscan invasions and the exile of French emperor Napoleon. Crystal-clear waters and white-sand beaches stretch along the shoreline as the forested peak of Mount Capanne climbs 3,000 feet upward, displaying a stark and stunning contrast.

The rolling hills of Tuscany are home to vineyards producing some of the world’s most sought-after Italian wines. The camera-ready panoramic views of the Tuscan countryside annually draw crowds by the thousands. Further inland, find Florence; her mighty prowess enchanting the eyes and the soul. Michelangelo’s David stands guard over the city at the Uffizi Gallery, one of the many museums housed in this birthplace of the Renaissance.

Illustrious beachside towns such as Sperlonga and Fregene as dot the coastline, proposing plenty of stops during an Italy yacht charter. Fregene allows you to truly delve into Italian culture of “La Dolce Vita.” Dating back to the 1600s, Pope Clement IX planted a pine forest that now frames the stunning sands of this littoral treasure. Fregene has history, stunning beauty and a lavish nightlife that summons Romans from their perch on the hill.

The Eternal City beckons, promising magnificent history and gourmet cuisine. The Coliseum and Vatican are only two of the must-see antiquities of Rome. Once the heart of the Roman Empire — whose rule spanned centuries and thousands of miles — the superfluity and wealth of this ancient, yet modern metropolis still abound. Indulge in high-end Italian fashion and course after course of posh Roman cuisine during your Italian yacht charter.

Location Highlights

  • Visit Vatican City for a tour
  • Tour the Colosseum
  • Spend a day on the stunning La Nave Beach in Fregene
  • Enjoy a wine tour through the rolling hills of Tuscany
  • Spend a day perusing the art in Elba’s beautiful museums

Expert Advice

Walk the cobblestone streets of Rome stopping at the Trevi Fountain. Make sure to stand back to the fountain and throw in a coin to ensure your return to Rome, then stop in a local shop to buy a bottle of wine and enjoy it while sitting on the iconic Spanish Steps to experience the true romance of Rome.

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