Central America Yacht Charter Guide

The bridge between the continents and oceans, Central America is a melting pot of incredible culture and interesting history. Natural wonders abound from ancient rainforests inhabited by mysterious natives to luminous waterfalls running over mountainous peaks to low valleys with stunning vistas. Beautiful beaches run into the sea, which itself is bursting with astounding marvels.

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Mexico and Guatemala. Here you will find an array of diverse ecosystems. From mangrove-laden coastal plains to a mountainous interior with undeveloped forests and jungles, there is so much to explore. Below the waterline, the iconic Great Blue Hole is one of the most renowned dive sites internationally.

For an off-the-beaten-path Central American yacht charter, Nicaragua is an incredible choice. Here, serenity abounds under the towering peaks of San Cristobal and other volcanoes that have spawned beautiful lakes and mountainous locales. Spend your days lazily exploring tropical rainforests or hitting the beach to try out the surf.

Central America’s most traveled country, Costa Rica has so much on offer. A national park system with well-established, protected pristine rainforests and beautiful beaches beckon during a Central American yacht charter. Hiking and zip lining are prevalent here and Costa Rica is known and an international surfer’s paradise.

Sitting on the cusp South America, Panama boasts an expansive culture. Well-known for its canal connected the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, it is considered a crossroads of the world. Beautiful beaches and bustling cities ensure there is something on offer for all during a Central America luxury yacht charter.

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