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The use of Northrop and Johnson Crew Services and associated website www.njyachts.com are subject to the terms and conditions outlined within this agreement. This applies to all entities that register and / or request use of our services.

A fee will be charged upon the receipt and hire of crew or candidates supplied by Northrop and Johnson Crew Services inclusive of credentials, resumes, contact information or any other related material. Temporary Placement: Applicable to day-work, relief, freelance, deliveries, seasonal or implied short-term employment. Rate: 20% of TOTAL compensation paid by the employer ($50 Minimum) Permanent Placement: Hired for an indefinite period or on a long-term basis. Rate: one month's salary.

All fees are non-refundable
Fees are due in full upon receipt of invoice. Permanent placements will be invoiced upon crew embarkation. Temporary placements will be invoiced at the end of the employment period. Full Fees still apply regardless of whether the employer or hiring party knows or previously knew the crew or candidate hired, with the exception that the hiring party bring this to Northrop and Johnson Crew Services attention within 24 hours of receiving the crew member's details and confirmation they have the correct and up to date contact information for the candidate.

In the instance where Northrop and Johnson Crew Services send candidates who are part of a team, or looking to work together on the same vessel or company, the hiring party agrees to pay fees for each individual candidate hired. Northrop and Johnson assume no responsibility for travel or any other costs during the interview or hiring process. I have read and understand the Northrop and Johnson fee policy and hereby agree to pay the stated fees should I hire any candidates presented by them.

Guarantee Policy
Our guarantee policy can only be applied to permanent placements where the invoice was paid within 15 days of the invoice date and / or embarkation. It is the responsibility of the hiring party to inform Northrop and Johnson Crew Services in the event a crew member is terminated or resigns.

We will endeavor to replace a permanent crew member once within the 180 day guarantee period free of charge. Although we make every effort during the hiring process, including interviewing and reference checks, we ultimately can not be held responsible for any candidate's during or following their period of employment. This includes reference checking, verifying credentials, misrepresentations of licenses and certificates, previous experience and work history, and their profile in general.

We also agree to provide credit card and billing details, which will only be charged in full payment is not received within 30 days from embarkation or invoice date, or at the request of the hiring party.

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